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Verified Customers. Amazon Like 1-Click Checkout. 1/2 The Cost.

About Mcardit

Mcardit is a privacy protection, fraud prevention and pay-by-bank payment platform that verifies each user’s identity to insure they are who they say they are. This significantly reduces fraud. 

More secure than your credit or debit card. 

When you use your credit or debit card at checkout, at one point or another you’re asked for your card number. That act alone exposes your card to being compromised and to fraud. If you’ve ever been the victim of unauthorized charges to your card, you know how easy it is for others to obtain that card number and run charges without your authorization.

With Mcardit there’s no card number or account number to compromise. 

Mardit connects to your bank account through an authorization token that only you can authorize. You’re not providing your Bank account number to Mcardit or to the Merchant. When you make a payment, you’re authorizing Mcardit to debit your account through that token, that’s it.

Each and every transaction within Mcardit, including payments and refunds is timestamped, documented, archived and retrieved should there be any questions as any transaction’s authenticity.